PresentationLaMecheLa Mèche is the creative laboratory of the Groupe d’édition la courte échelle, headed by a team of seasoned artists and artisans.

La Mèche favours all that’s innovative, passionate and eloquent. It features the blending of all genres, atypical characters, strong narrations, surprise effects that are continually renewed, hybrids of all kinds, adventures in writing and good stories.

La Mèche is a venue for free and innovative creation, where ideas as well as intuition are received enthusiastically. It is driven by a desire for independence, sharing, interdisciplinarity and discovery.

The principal mission of this company is to publish quality literature that sacrifices neither intelligence nor audacity. La Mèche does not believe that a book is an ordinary product. The company cultivates above all unconventional and ambitious projects, extreme experiences and the heart-stoppers and inspirations of its authors.